Questions & Concerns

Tell me again, why am I starting counseling? 

You have an interest in making change. This is a nonjudgmental, safe environment for you to find a way to move from what you are experiencing to where you want to go. I give you a tremendous amount of credit for making this first step. Together, we will dive into a journey of wellbeing and happiness. This is your time. Seize the moment. 

Live who you are! 

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Where is your office located?

At New Insight Counseling, LLC

649 Amity Road, Unit 103

Bethany, CT 06524

I feel weird about talking to a stranger!

I agree! This can be daunting, however, we will first have a free and confidential phone consultation to gather information and to answer any questions you may have. Getting to know each other and building a therapeutic relationship takes time. This is all part of healthy boundaries in new relationships. 

Thank you for considering letting me into your life!

How important is therapist selection anyways?

Coming to therapy and engaging can have anyone feeling vulnerable. Just as you are all unique individuals, your therapist is also an individual with unique experiences. Making sure the relationship is a good fit is extremely important to the process. I will do my best by the end of our first phone call to  see if we will be a good fit. You will also have time available for asking me any additional questions.

What do you charge and what does it include?

My rate is $100 for a 45-55 minute face-to-face session. After you leave my office I use additional time for necessary casework to be completed. I do not charge extra for a quick email, response to a text message, or even a 5-10 minute phone call.

What about insurance?

Insurance companies have been dictating people’s care for long enough. Being the provider I am, having dedicated myself to a consistently higher quality level of care, I pride myself on being able to provide you, my client, with as many options for you as I can. While I may not work with insurance companies directly, we can discuss possible out-of-network reimbursement between you and your insurance company to help make therapy more affordable!

Do you offer a sliding fee scale and what is a sliding fee scale?

Yes I do. While I see a limited number of clients at a reduced rate, I understand finances can be just as difficult as finding a clinician you would like to work with. Please call me to discuss this possibility and if I have any spots available at a reduced rate. 

Does counseling have to occur at your office?

Not at all. I know sometimes it can be challenging to come into the office. It is not advisable to use Skype or phone sessions while our relationship is still new and forming, however, these are options available to you. 

What will our first session look like?

Such a good question! As mentioned above I know it can be daunting to come to someone you don’t know and talk about your life, however, we will have completed our initial phone consultation before coming to see me face-to-face. At the first session you and I will sit down together and begin looking at different puzzle pieces that have gotten you to this point. Questions are straightforward and are meant to help me gather more information to better be able to work with you and to help you see the changes you desire for your life. This is also a time for you to be able to ask me questions about my practice, my interests and my life. The first session is a foundational building block for our work and relationship to come. 

What happens if you go out of town?

If I do happen to leave town I will do my best to notify you in advance. Circumstances do occur and, if needed, sessions over the phone or Skype are available to you. In case of emergency, please call the police or 911.

How long before I start to see changes I want for my life?

This varies from people to people. Therapy only works if you are willing to do the work involved. With guidance and support from me, we will immediately dive into our work together and identify successes and barriers you have already encountered in your life.  I practice from a strengths-based perspective meaning you are your greatest strength and you already posses several meaningful coping skills that have gotten you through previously difficult situations. So what are you waiting for? 

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