Wellness Initiative

Wellness is our natural right!

Wellness encompasses the mind, body, and soul. Wellness consulting is about working with you to achieve and maintain optimal wellness underneath any circumstances. We may look at things like goal setting, problem solving, productivity, and even barriers to your ideal successes. Together we will identify and implement a plan that works for you. The change you wish to see for your life is closer than you know! 

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Wellness Workshops


Workshops are designed around relatable topics for people to come and take part in a safe group setting to explore and grow together. The best part of a group setting is coming together and collectively feeling good. For some people what they are experiencing can leave them feeling lonely and isolation may seem inevitable. With Wellness Workshops I work with a group of at most 10 people who are dealing with similar life struggles. The workshops themselves are usually 2 hour-long sessions that generally span the period of 8 weeks. Light refreshments are available in each group meeting. 

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