What Does Clear Sanity Stand For?


Clear Sanity is here to help to further spread total wellness-mind, body, and soul. It is simply a way to describe life. It is also a blog I created that focuses on personal growth and discovery, exploring well-being and navigating all that life may throw at us. No matter what we face in life, life will continue to meet us with more chaos. Clear Sanity is about facing these challenges and learning to use our strengths to feel more empowered and happy. We live in a world that continues to make demands of us that further jeopardize our well-being. Through the chaos, we are challenged. Through the dysfunction, we start to question and through all that is called life, we find ourselves and our happiness. Clear Sanity serves as a reminder to take life in stride, accept things we can't control, and to continue to breath through whatever life may throw at us.

What does your Clear Sanity look like?

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